Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Didn't the Tapdancer Look Good, Last Time We Saw Her?

Hello, my name is Tapdancer and I am a Facebook junkie.

I know - I was just in here, a few months back, touting my oh-so-virtuous offline time, and now I'm addicted again, and it's not even remotely intelligent, the time I spend. I could make the excuse that January is a month of hibernation, so where's the harm, etc, but um, what about the three months before now?

I'm telling myself that when I reach the 70th level of the Vampire Wars, and you either have to have 500 clan members or get eaten alive, that I'll quit then. And then I go and add 15 more total strangers to my friends list. Granted, I'm really careful of who I pick, but still - who am I and what has happened to the old Tapdancer?

Is there a twelve-step program for Facebook junkies, and if so, do I need neighbors or clan members to play, uh, join?