Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So How Was Your Weekend?

I sent the boys off to Richmond this past weekend - Yeah Man!!!

Once I got the house cleaned I sat back and enjoyed its semi-pristine state. I was only able to achieve semi-pristine because, Hello! I live with two little boys, which means mounds of stuff left around the house,and they're too busy building skyscrapers in the living room to clean up. They were awfully nice skyscrapers, and I hated to be the demolition crew, but one little toe jiggle, and BAM! down it came.

Also, I had plans with Bea and another friend of ours, Miss J, to have sushi and drinks, preferably in my living room, so the scrapers really had to go. Its a rationalization, for my joyous destruction of my children's creation, but its working for me.

We hunkered down with a few rolls and a pitcher of Raspberry Lemonade and got comfy. We watched yet again our current favorite period film, "Becoming Jane". While it isn't actually a Jane Austen novel, it does deal with a rumour about Miss Jane and an unrequited love affair. Oh, and it has James McAvoy in it, and he is extra yummy in this film. Who needs dessert when you can feast on him? (The cat statues on the TV are my son's addition to the decor, but I was the one who made them stop peeing on each other.)
It was really a lovely weekend, although I got very little accomplished. I did have my nephew and his lovely POSSLQ (Person of the Opposite Sex, Sharing Living Quarters) over for dinner on Saturday and we made Bea's Southwestern Stuffed Peppers, which are so easy to make, look fabulous, and are delicious, so how could we go wrong?

Monday was Cinquo de Cuervo - um Mayo, yeah that's it. My brother and his "third time's the charm" really nice girlfriend came over for Margaritas, homemade salsa and queso, and chorizo/portabella quesadillas to celebrate. We finished with a Kahlua Chocolate cake and now?
Now I'm on a diet for the rest of my life! Seriously, I'm only going to be snacking on veggies and fruit from here on in, because I've hit my "fighting weight" as Ms. Q would call it, and I have to get into a swimsuit in another 8 weeks. (cue sobbing)

So what kind of trouble did you get into this past weekend?


thailandchani said...

Sounds wonderful.. and I always like your pictures. :)

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Wow!Those are some sexy digits propped up on that there table!

I hear you about the diet thing. I ate this weekend like I was going to the chair, and now I must repent.

flutter said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer H said...

If you're going to talk about food, things like portobella quesadillas and chocolate cake, when I just started my super-strict diet...well, I'll just have to live through you for the next few months.

James McAvoy is yummy, indeed.

Bea, I've been eating like I was going to the chair, too. Now, I'm not sure I would fit into the chair, so that's a relief. :-)

FairiesNest said...

Sounds lovely! MaAvoy is delicious, I love that movie, and you've got my favorite Buckeroo line up! Is it only 8 weeks? Yikes!

Ms.Q said...

I am with you man!!! I should have named my blog PROCRASTINATION. I keep saying I am going to eat right and then somehow there is always a dove bar in the freezer...Damn! Ms.Q

Gypsy said...

Can I come live next door to you? Please?

Lara said...

I just worked in my flower garden moving plants until my back muscle-spasmed.

Fun times.

Sounds like yours was more fun!

bandick said...

We could whip out our white legs and go biking together (at least in spirit)! We'll be in bikinis in no time.

Revenant said...

Aw, I may have to see that. But those films always make me feel badly about my life!

We should talk weight...I have to get moving.

Julie Pippert said...

Sigh sounds so wonderful. I really want to see that movie!