Thursday, June 12, 2008

Birthday Bash

It was the Bohemian's ninth birthday yesterday. We decided, since it was also the last day of school, a legendary day of rejoicing for children everywhere, that it would be fun to meet up with his fairy godmothers,Ms. Q and Bea, for a little dinner out on the town. We went to a Japanese steak house in Raleigh that's been there for at least 30 years, and a guilty pleasure for me. My frequent dinner partner, Bea, likes to eat a little more haute cuisine, and I'm usually just jazzed to be out of the house.

But we thought it might be fun for the boys to have the grilled up in flames experience. They've gotten to a place where they can appreciate at least trying new things, even if they don't always like them. I can live with that.

Isn't he droll?

You really have to give it to them - they know how to put on a show! These guys couldn't take their eyes off the chef, who was, surprisingly, a slender woman with Fabulous! nails, and a voice as deep as Harvey Fierstein. She cracked jokes and scared the piddle out of the Bohemian with a fake ketchup bottle she squirted him with. We loved it!


There was a couple who sat with us, who were very nice, and a lot of fun. The gentlemen caught three pieces of chicken in his mouth that the chef threw him, and we all applauded each time.

Volcano of onions, with a side of tempura

The guys ordered green tea, and actually enjoyed it! The tempura was a big hit, but that was no big surprise. The hub and I split a beer - I know - serious party animals, eh?

She was a blur

Who can resist the smell of sizzling onions, shrimp, zucchini and mushrooms, combined with sesame seeds, soy sauce, and oil? While we waited, I did my not-so-famous Fan Dance; a variation on an Isadora Duncan choreography. Are you buying this? Do you know me?

I call it "Butterfly and Boobs"

This lovely pair of little Japanese ladies were very shy of my camera

I think this was supposed to be the birthday boy - and then we eat him! Yeah, the Bohemian was a little weirded out by that too. But he loved it when all the waiters and waitresses came and sang a song in Japanese. I think it was a birthday song, but I couldn't swear to it. It really was a fun way to have dinner out with a couple of kids, and the big kids didn't mind too much, did they Bea? After dinner we went and saw "Kung Fu Panda", which was wonderful. The story was engaging and funny, and the casting well matched. It had seamless animation and the texture and ambience of it's style was very reminiscent of Japan. We laughed our heads off and loved the whole big screen experience of being sucked into another world.

All in all, a great birthday!


FairiesNest said...

Happy Birthday to the Boh! (Hope he likes the wee hairy Beasties! Sadly, Mark can't stop singing it...) We took the gang to one of those places when Nate turned 10 and a Fab time was had by all!

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

I have to admit it was a great time! The looks on the kid's faces as various food items caught fire where priceless. As the Boh would say "we got dinner and a show

Anonymous said...

What an amazing experience for your family! And thanks to your exquisite, descriptive writing and photos, I felt like I was right there watching the chef's hands go so fast you can't even possibly capture it on film.

And what a coincidence! We had Japanese last night for supper. My youngest daughter studied about Japan toward the end of the year and brought home some recipes for us to try. So the wife whipped up some . . . Oyaka-something-or-other. It was tasty . . .


Your American Idol! said...

Great photos. That's a great way to kickoff summer vacation. I'll probably serve Pop Tarts and prepackaged fruit snacks, just to set the appropriate expectations.

Maggie, Dammit said...

Happy birthday to the Bohemian! He looks thrilled. ;)

Your parties are the best, I swear. I love how you brought it all full circle with the Kung Fu Panda.

flutter said...


Gypsy said...

Now I'm hungry. Mmmm.

hele said...

Awesome. I want to come and party with you. Florian and I are also one of those dodgy share a half a glass of wine couples.

Ben & Bennie said...

For any birthday in the house we ALWAYS go to Myabi, our fav Japanese steak house! Oh how we love getting two meals out of one.

Jennifer H said...

What a great night! It looks like your boy had fun.

Also, you made me hungry.

Heather said...

Shadush! Happy Birthday! It looks like a lot of fun!