Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Everybody's bill gonna come due"

Jesse Helms died this past week, on July 4th. The funeral eulogies and propaganda being distributed right now about what a good and faithful servant he was for North Carolina just brings me out in a froth. Evidently being a rabid, life long racist, and the eternal whore of big business interests will wash away all your sins when you depart this world.

One man, L.F. Eason III, a state employee for the Dept. of Agriculture resigned, rather than lower the flags at his office to half-staff, in honor of Senator Helms. Check out the story here, and read what Eason had to say personally here.

NPR also appears to be willing to tell the unvarnished truth about the deceased senator. John Fund, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, and author of "How Jesse Helms Made a Difference," says:

"In Washington, Helms was an early champion of former President Ronald Reagan, and was known for his rhetoric and parliamentary tactics opposing abortion, gay rights, welfare programs, arms control treaties, liberal artists and foreign aid.

Race was a defining issue during his career. He fought naming a federal holiday for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. And he defeated Harvey Gantt, the first black mayor of Charlotte, in 1990 after running advertisements depicting a white man being rejected for a job that went to a less-qualified black applicant."

But wait, there's more!

Out of the mouth of Jesse Helms himself comes vitriol that even his enemies couldn't top:

"Seldom a day passes by when there's not another lawmaker coming up with some new idea which would further destroy parental authority in our land," he said in a speech kicking off his 1990 re-election campaign. "Just think about it: homosexuals, lesbians, disgusting people marching in our streets demanding all sorts of things, including the right to marry each other and the right to adopt children. How do you like them apples?"

Jeff Jacoby, an admitted admirer of Helms, also wrote an editorial about Jesse here. He is quick to list in grisly detail the extreme reaction many so-called "leftists" demonstrated upon learning of Jesse Helms death, but, in true Helms-ite fashion, he uses it as a scare tactic, while providing a very up, very progressive profile of a decent, hard-working, Southern man, Helms, presumably, cast into the world of 1972 politics.

I know I don't normally get into politics here in the blogosphere - I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don't want to fight anyone over an opinion. But the overwhelming accolades and grand speeches we have had to endure here in North Carolina, for a man who held this state in a backward grasp for 5 senatorial terms, is more than I can stand silent for. I don't want to wish ill on anyone, but for me, Jesse has always been the exception. (If you don't believe me, go find a piece of him on utube - you'll see.) I'm glad he's dead - I just wish we could bury his legacy along with him.

*This is for you Julie - let's burn us an effigy baby, just like the old days!

*edited for content, after re-reading Jeff Jacoby's piece and not wishing anyone to think I agree with him.
because I don't! :P

*edited again to give you a link to Ben Waddell's post about this. It's a very big deal to us liberal Southerners that Jesse not be remembered as any less of a monster than he truly was.


thailandchani said...

I couldn't agree more with all you said. It always amazes me how much whitewashing goes on after one of these wretched people finally kick the bucket.

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

"Ding Dong the Bastards Dead!" - I had the dubious pleasure of protesting at a Jesse Helms campaign stop during his run against Harvey Gant. I heard first hand the garbage that spewed forth from that man's mouth, and it made me physically ill. I had never been in the presence of true and vile hatred personified until I stood and listened to that man speak.

What floors me more than the crap that he spewed during his lifetime, was that time and time again the majority of North Carolina voted him into office. I don't understand how anyone, especially those who claim to be Christian (yeah, I said it), could listen to his messages of hate, fear, and racisim and say repeatedly say "yes".

Good riddance Mr Helms, may karma have her way with you.

Your American Idol! said...

The same thing happened when George Wallace and Strom Thurmond died. Apparently, the unwritten rule is the devil is no longer the devil after he's dead.

Which is, of course, pure horseshit.

Jesse Helms was an awful man who stained American history, and no amount of whitewashing can clean that legacy.

Ben & Bennie said...

What American Idol said. We had to endure the same bullshit when Strom died. If there is a hell I hope they're all having a toasty reunion at Fire Lake.

Lara said...

Well on the positive side... he IS gone.

Madge said...

great post. and if you need an effigy my husband can help out. for fourth of july he and the kids burned on effigy of King George. is that wierd? it was their history lesson for the summer..... plus they are guys and they like to blow things up.

thank God for NPR...

Ben & Bennie said...

WBT, I got a follow-up post at my blog. Honestly the best stuff is the link to Roland Martin's commentary about Jesse.

Unfortunately another racist Jesse, the Rev. Jackson, becomes a star once again on Fox News tonight.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog. I really enjoyed reading both it and the comments associated. There's nothing more enjoyable than seeing a bunch of people gather together, take a portion of another human beings life who they don't know and totally rip it to shreds... Based on the information here and in the comments,everyone here seems to personally know Mr. Helms. Therefore, based on the information provided by everyone here,it is safe to assume that he never did a good thing his entire life. Hell, he probably beat baby seals while on vacation. It really seems odd to me that if he was such an evil man then there's no way he could have served NC for 30 years, the "liberal southerners"(Code for Relocated Yankee)wouldn't stand for it!

It's a shame that we bitch bitch bitch about politicians saying one thing and doing another. Yet when someone shows up that stands behind what he says, (whether it's right or wrong)we bitch about that!(only if it's wrong!)

So you people didn't agree with Mr. Helms. So what? I didn't agree with "Dr." MLK and they gave him a freakin holiday...

bandick said...

Yeah. You know who else voted against MLK day? Someone who wants to be your president.

And, anonymous, I don't see anything written here that would imply that anyone knew him personally. What was written here is what he put forth to the world.

Now, if someone wrote about his never being able to satisfy a woman due to his shriveled two inch'd have a valid argument.

bandick said...

ps -- pickle, I'm sorry I wrote dick on your blog. twice.

we_be_toys said...

My dearest Bandick, you can say whatever you like here! I kind of think the word, "dick" applies, don't you?

Anonymous, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, as am I, as are all of us. It does take the bite out of your vitriol, for me, at least, that you have left this comment without identifying yourself. It's difficult to be stung by cowardice. Maybe next time you could take off your white hood and give your name with your opinions.

Jennifer H said...

Ooh, good day in your comments...I came late, which turns out to be the best time.

Excellent response to Anonymous.

And I agree with you on the rest. You said what I've been thinking.