Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers (and a few recipes)

In a week's time, I've been to the gym 7 times, an hour each time. I only lost about 5 pounds, because we ate Italian at Piccola Italia's (my stomach's spiritual Mecca) on Saturday, and my younger brother threw a cookout on Sunday. At least I didn't gain, right? My older brother made these incredible drinks on Sunday that I didn't even try to resist, they were that freakin' good. He called them "Mighty Good", and I'm inclined to agree!

A Mighty Good Drink
large glass w/ice
2 oz orange vodka (I think he might have added more)
a splash of triple sec
fill about three quarters with Tropicana Strawberry-Orange juice
top off with orange juice
garnish with either a giant strawberry or an orange slice.

At our parties everybody brings something to share, which makes the food more eclectic, and helps keep the cost down. Our host provided the ubiquitous burgers and dogs, my "Mighty Good" brother made a bean salad, another guest, Mrs. M. made her famous potato salad, and my mom made strawberry shortcake for dessert. My contribution was a Whore-d'oeuvre, as we like to call them: Caprese Salad. It's an easy thing to whip together, and it's glamour lies in using the best ingredients.

Caprese Salad
On a large platter arrange thin slices of fresh mozzarella
top with thin slices of ripe tomatoes
distribute evenly a generous helping of coarsely chopped fresh basil
sprinkle a bit of garlic powder, salt and pepper over all of it,
then pour very good olive oil over all, and sprinkle a bit of balsamic vinegar over that.
serve with fresh crusty Italian bread

So you can see why I didn't lose much weight this week, although as Bea put it, "think of what we would have gained if we hadn't worked out all week". so it's back to the gym this week, and a diet of salad and more salad. I'm trying to drop enough poundage in the next three weeks, that I can go on vacation and not worry about dieting.

Oh my effing god - what is happening to me? I'm writing about going to the gym! How is that good reading material? Who am I and where did the aliens put my real self? Aaughh!


flutter said...

look at you, gym crazy! rock it girl!

Pyzahn said...

Aliens? Give yourself some credit. You're doing a good thing. Something that's hard and takes lots of energy and will power.

Five pounds is a lot! You should be proud.

Now here's my little good eating doctrine...don't think of it as dieting. Just think of it as nourishing your temple with the right foods. You are a goddess, yes?


Kelley said...

Hah! Good for you. I resisted the urge to out myself as having eaten two-bite brownies for breakfast the other day when Dammit,Maggie was tweeting about having eaten Frito Scoops for dinner. And I haven't been to the gym once.

So... go Team You!

Chris said...

The Mighty Good drink sounds like I'd get Mighty Drunk because I'd drink more than I should. Nummy!

Caprese Salad? Always a winner. I hadn't thought to sprinkle it with a little garlic powder. Thanks!

I LOVE hearing that you've been going to the gym. Five pounds is incredible! Good for you! You and Bea are studley!

Jennifer H said...

Go, girl, go!

Caprese is one of my favvvvorite things to eat. Love it.

Deb said...

Only 5 pounds? My dear, that is a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight to lose in one week. You did great!

A Free Man said...

I haven't been to the gym seven times in the last year, but have thought about it seven times in the last week.

I'm totally trying that caprese salad recipe. Sounds great!

FairiesNest said...

I thought about exercising last week ...does that count? I did actually make myself go for walk yesterday...might even do it again today.
I know how Dave's drinks are ...mighty knock you on your ass good!

Madge said...

7 days straight at a gym? you deserved every mighty good drink you had. five pounds is very very impressive....

bandick said...

Pickle! We need to discuss healthy weight loss. Five pounds is quite a bit to lose in one week. My company just launched the annual "get moving" campaign and I'm actually doing it this year. Having a team (like Bea) really helps!

maggie, dammit said...

"OnlĂ˝" five pounds in a week?? Are you kidding me?! That's a lot, dude. A LOT.

I feel like I should be moving now. That, or giving that drink a try....

(Oh, what I wouldn't give to be at one of your parties just once!)

Vodka Mom said...

you are LIVING AT THE GYM???? You rock!!

And I LOVE the drink recipe (of course) and all the rest.

dammit. I might as well just come over.

Arizaphale said...

It has been my experience that when you are losing weight it tends to occupy centre stage in your brain. This is exactly why we gain weight too. We are obsessive. Oh for some balance in life :-D Still, thanks for the Caprese Salad recipe. I reckon even I could do that! My sister does a simialr thing but adds slices of avocado....she calls it Tricoleur (spelt?) French for 3 colours anyway. Might want to keep away from the avocado though.
Must go to the gym.....

Blues said...

I NEEEEEED to get on that treadmill! I admire your will power!

Gypsy said...

Only!? ONLY!?! Shit. That's a good loss.

I should join a gym. I say that all the time, though.