Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ah, hump day, how I love thee! I can see the weekend from here!

I'm off to school today to foster rebellion, and maybe help a few kids read while I'm there. you know, like camouflage for teaching them the Diarrhea rhyme.

People think its funny
but its really brown and runny,
diarrhea,(insert noise here) diarrhea.

There's the one from the film Parenthood too, but that one requires singing and that could spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

I'll have a real post for you tomorrow.


VelveetaWingnut said...

I'm talkin' about trouble, with a capital T and that rhymes with B and that stands for Becky. now I know all you folks are the right kinda parents, you wanna know what kinda talk goes on when they're hanging around that chick? they be talking about poo, they be talkin about snot, they be talkin 'bout things that make you sick...oh yes that trouble...with a capital T and that rhymes with B and that stands for... well, you get the picture... :-D lol

Madge said...

can you come help at our school?

Gypsy said...

Why are references to shit and farts always funny? My grandmother said, "He's got the trots," yesterday in reference to an uncle with stomach problems and I about died.

Also? My word verification is "ifbbad." Coincidence? I think not.

jennifer h said...

35 years gone in one instant. I'd forgotten all about that song.

flutter said...

when you're sitting in your chevy and your pants are kinda heavy diarrhea (pphhbbtt) diarrhea

liv said...

when you're walking down the hall and you hear something fall, diarrhea cha-cha-cha!