Friday, August 1, 2008

On The Edge of Reason

It sounded like a good idea at the time:

With school out I haven't had any real need to have a car every day, and since the hub-man is still driving the Grandma-mobile (a 1987 Chrysler with only 50,000 miles on it - oh, and no AC.), it made sense to let him have my beloved Toyota Corolla ("Take you there, it will - cost you much, it won't" - Yoda). We could save on filling up two tanks with gas and he could ride in air conditioned comfort during the dog days of summer. We want to buy a new car, but where was the sense in making car payments all summer when we didn't have to? Oh yeah, we're some farty-smarties, being all frugal.

Reality Check:
I have two of the best behaved kids in the world - no really, they're good guys. They are kids though, so some days they bank off of the walls; some days they're evil as snakes, and fight with each other. Putting them to work calms them down like magic, and banning them from playing together for the rest of the day invariably makes it irresistable for them stay away from each other for long. They're easy, more or less - it's the fractious, antsy, twitchy mom I'm having problems with.

I feel like I'm trapped at home, drowning under an ocean of dirty clothes and monotony. While it's great to be able to stay up and sleep in, I miss my quiet time in the morning, after the guys are at school. I could think. There wasn't any chirping, "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom,Mom..." ad nauseum. It hasn't helped that the hub-man has had to work longer hours lately, on a fairly important project at work, so there's no grown up besides me until 8 or 9 some nights. And when he's tired, he's not much better than a grumpy toddler, really. So yeah, I'm jonesing for some grown ups. Did I mention that Bea is leaving me next week? Psychotic break-time, anyone?

My oldest cat, Jasper, is on her last leg these days. She's become so incontinent we've had to keep her outside, the guilt of which impels me to feed her three times a day and change her water, replete with ice cubes. I also set up a bed for her arthritic old bones to lie upon, but come fall, if she hasn't just turned up her toes, I'm going to have to do the deed and gas her. This, of course, isn't much of a mood booster.

Just like the sun, when it goes behind a cloud, I know things will clear up, all will be resolved, and I will be back to my usual self. It's just in the meantime, "I'm looking down, Shrek!"


Jennifer H said...

I'm right there, I tell ya. Believe me, I understand.

Good luck with the antsy, fractious, twitchiness. Let's synchronize our watches to 5:00 and pull out the liquor. :-)

I'm sorry, though, about your cat. Poor thing--both of you, all of you.

We're T minus 10 days until school here.

Bea said...

Heyyyy, itsssss meeeee, waiving from my end of the fiery pit.
Im so sorry you're feeling bad today, and I know platty-tudes won't help. Booze, booze might help. Sushi, sushi would definitely help. Booze and sushi. Ooo wait! Booze, sushi, and a James McAvoy movie. (Is it just me, or is "The Spanish Inquisition" running through your head right now too?)

tysdaddy said...

This is always the roughest part of the summer for us. Part one consists of the newness of having the kids around, sleeping in, playing when awake, having fun. Phase two consists of camp and zoo volunteer season, where things get hectic but the experiences are new. Then there's phase three, not much going on, waiting for school to start, and getting antsy. Fidgety.

Yep, we're there . . .

You'll make it, friend.

Maggie, Dammit said...

I'm there, too, love. Right there with you.

flutter said...

wanna come over? I have booze, I'll cook!

Saphira said...

I work three twelve hour days, so I get most of my week at home. I completely understand! I love my kids, they are awesome! But there comes a time in the summer months when a mom always says, "when does school start?" hehehehe quiet time is wonderful!

Vodka Mom said...

It sounds like you need a martini -- I'll be RIGHT over.

(In the beat up old Honda that we got FOR FREE for Bitchy, but she won't be seen DEAD in it and now lucky me, I get to drive it while SHE drives my SUV.)

FairiesNest said...

Well they're coming to my house for week so you'll get plenty of quiet.

Gypsy said...

And again, has this summer been for shit, or what? Sigh. I wish I lived closer so we could visit and commiserate about our elderly pets. {hugs}