Monday, October 22, 2007

Clouds In My Coffee

Ah, another Monday! Yeah. I'm just about acclimated to the whole weekend concept and time sprawl, when Monday rears its ugly head again. My horoscope says its supposed to be a long and hard week - it makes me feel worn out just thinking that way. (Note to self: don't read horoscopes anymore. What do they really know anyway?)

I did have a lovely Sunday Denial though, with the "goyles". We went and saw the new Elizabeth movie, with Cate Blanchett and (rrrrrrowwwwwll!) Clive Owen, who is Yum-Mee. My friend Ms. Q (whose name has been changed so you can't single out her guilty, but lascivious leer, but YOU know who you are, don't cha?) kept making this "I've got a rumbling in my throat" sound all during the movie. I thought she was coming down with something, but when I leaned over to her, I realized she was purring. Its Clive Owen; he just undoes her, and quite frankly, I can see her point - Mmmm Goood, and I don't mean soup, baby! The critics panned this film, but I thought it was pretty good - good pace and even someone who isn't up on their Tudor History could follow it (as a Tudor History Aficionado - its the discrepancies that kill a historic film for me, and there were only a few. I'll refrain from boring the mammaries off all of you by reciting them.)

Afterwards we retired with the beloved sushi and a bottle of vodka (how international, no?) and discussed the merits (again and again, the name Clive Owen enters the conversation - what was the movie about? I forget; I only know that He was in it..........)

All in all, a lovely ending to a good weekend, though its loveliness makes that Monday morning betrayal by the alarm clock a lot harder. But next weekend doth await us anon, so we shall stride forth into yon work week with renewed vigor and verve! Yea, verily!

Blah blah blah, prithee, blah blah blah, go not gentle into that good week, blah blah, blah...

Ah, Clive, how we love thee!

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