Friday, October 19, 2007

Meet My Sister!

The greatest inspiration and source of support for me is my older sister. From the time we were kids and she would build little fairy huts under the oak trees in the park, then tell me she had found them there (and I still look under oak trees to this day, for those fairy huts), she has always been full of magic. Her children are almost all grown now, but they can all lay claim to having had an enchanted childhood, and it has been the inspiration for me to try and give my own children that sense of wonder and belief in magic and miracles.

She started as a doll maker, when her kids were small, making castle people for a castle her husband had made the kids for Christmas. The first queen she made looked so much like me in my wedding dress that she had to give it to me and make another one. Everyone who saw them wanted her to make them some, and so it began.

It wasn't long before she was branching out and away from the castle and dollhouse dolls and was giving free rein to her imagination. The ensuing dolls are more one-of-a-kind works of art. While she usually creates dolls that are from her own imagination, she also works with her clients to interpret their vision of a doll. As a fellow artist, I not only respect her work, I've watched it grow and mature into something truly amazing. I usually covet every doll she makes - as a little sister, I feel that they should all be mine, MINE! Unfortunately, that would not pay this year's tuition for my nephews, so off they go, my dolls, to the galleries, to be discovered, sold, and coveted by others.

I have put her website address here so if you are interested in seeing more of these fabulous dolls, you can go and peruse them, even get your hands on one for yourself, though I will be coveting whatever you might buy, just so you know.


Cynthia said...

Okay now I'm all're not too bad for a little sister either...insert big wet sloppy kiss here.

Cynthia said...

BTW you can insert links with a button in the toolbar when you write your post. You highlight the words you want to make clickable then click on the button (it kinda looks like a moeibus (sp?) strip though I think it's supposed to be a chain link) and then insert the http address in the pop up box. It's easier that it sounds, trust me!

we_be_toys said...

Hey Cin! glad you liked the article. I actually did go about adding my links like you described, but The Fairies Nest webpage didn't take as a link, though the Etsy one did. I was trying for the Etsy one anyway, and the other page can be accessed from your Etsy site, so there ya go! Talk to you soon, hope you're feeling better (I know - pffft!)