Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Blog Giveth And The Blog Taketh Its Sweet Time

What? You thought this was going to be Rattling a Few Bones~Part III?

You thought I had, all professional-like, written the entire piece and just split it up into serials, to drag it out and mess with you? Seriously? Do I look like I have my shit together enough to do that?

Pickle, its Monday here. Again. All damn day.Bea and I did our best on Sunday to weave a mist and make it Saturday again, but the spell just didn't take. Oh, wait a minute! We were supposed to POUR the libation on the ground, not DRINK it!! Ohhh! Well crap. So its Monday, but what a great Sunday afternoon it was, in spite of it NOT being Saturday again!

Are you with me so far?
It was a bit of a blustery day, on Saturday, but Bea and I, boat drinks in hand, braved the gale force winds to go out and sit in the sunshine. The warm weather this past week has brought out the wildlife, along with the first flowers.I found Mr. Rikki playing with our resident garter snake, who we like to call, rather unimaginatively, The Eighteen Incher. He was a little concerned about all the attention at first, but he did pose nicely for me. I have actually written about half of the third installment of Rattling a Few Bones, but the first part was the easiest. The climax is a bit stickier and I need to get the children out of my hair before I can think straight enough to finish writing it. That and Blogger needs to let me upload more than ONE FUCKING PICTURE AT A TIME - that would really speed things up!
So, would you say your weekend glass was half-full or half-empty? Or would you say you "half want" to take the rest of the week off? Yeah, me too, only no halfways for me - I'm 100% sick with the Spring Fever!


Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Hmmm another weekend of relaxation and rum drinks. Do you think we need to take a road trip to "The Betty"? Folks 'round these parts are going to think we are a couple of alkeeholix. Do I care? Funny you should ask!

Personally, I "Half want to" take the rest of the month off. (somewhere in Idaho a man's nose begins to bleed!)

Maggie, dammit said...

So, would you say your weekend glass was half-full or half-empty?"

The REAL question is, what's in the glass? That makes a big difference for me.

FairiesNest said...

I've got a house full of spring breakers and the rest of us still have to go to school and about your unfair situations! Also not conducive to blog writing!

flutter said...

I say it's a testament to the drink, how empty the glass is!!

Autumn LeBeau said...

Can I take the week off and have a few of those drinks with ya?

Autumn LeBeau said...

And, PS- check out the blog, I left ya somethin'!

jennifer h said...

If I was drinking that, it would be seriously empty.

You should pass around the recipe and have a blog cocktail hour, where we're all drinking these at the same time all over the country (world?). I'm in.