Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Every time I try to photoshop out the red-eye in this picture the kids come out with black eyes. They look like the Evil Elves, who got kicked out of Santa's Workshop for smoking in the storeroom,(Santa's Workshop is now a smoke-free enviroment, though at one time, even Old St. Nick was a righteous pipe puffer - I have the pictures that prove it) or something like that.
But doesn't the tree look pretty? We have to rearrange the entire dining room to make this work, but what the hay? (Decorating tip for the cheap but stylish - the tree skirt is a round tablecloth I bought at Walmart (gasp!) and cut to open up and fit around the tree. Its cheap, its washable, and it doesn't look half bad!)

I completely avoided the heinous boiling of honey and molasses yesterday and just made cornflake balls, which are outrageously easy and so yummy! But, alas! The boiling doth await me, yet again today...just no escaping it, I suppose. Maybe I'll start with the cheeseball(s) stuff - its easy too and I can work up to the boiling (whimper). What's that? You want I should give you the recipes? Well,...OK! (shaking head) I know- I'm such a procrastinator.

Cornflake Balls

start with 1 pound +2 oz. of dark, semisweet or baking chocolate (it needs a little sweet to it, but the better the quality the better the balls) (I used 1 pound Callebeaut and 2 oz Scharffenberger, both semisweet, and OMG - they rock!)
chop up chocolate and place in double boiler on med-low heat

6 cups of cornflakes
1 cup slivered almonds

gently toss in a huge bowl until mixed together.
meanwhile, back at the stove:

stir the chocolate with your largest rubber spatula occasionally, until its smooth and fully melted. pour over the cornflake/almond mixture in the bowl. Toss gently, for what can seem like forever, until the chocolate has fully coated the cereal and nuts. Scoop by big spoonfuls and place in small mounds on a cookie sheet covered with waxed paper. Let cool and box them up.
*note - on warm days or humid days this can be a tricky thing to make - opt for a dry cool day; it will be easier!

Bon Appetit!


liv said...

you sick bitch. i was not EVEN hungry until i read that. and then i'm all ROOOWWWWRRRR gimme food......! thanks.

oh, and good job on the tree. i'm going to get working on my christmas room today.

flutter said...

Your tree is lovely. I'd like to see the red eye photo, it always cracks me up to see children THAT CAN SET YOU ON FIRE WITH THEIR MINDS!!!!

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Ymmmm... cornflake balls, my favorite! Add a glass of milk and it's the breakfast of champions.

Blog Antagonist said...

ROFL...they DO look like evil elves, but very adorable evil elves. Very pretty tree! We have to rearrange our entire house for the tree as well, but what are ya gonna do, right?

painted maypole said...

ok so now I am singing "smoking in the storeroom...smoking in the storeroom...Santa don't you fill me up with your rules..."