Thursday, December 6, 2007

Making A List, Checking It Twice

I made a few lists the other day, in an effort to be more organized. One list was the Christmas cookies I'm going make. Now, in true procrastinator-fashion, I'm trying to whittle it down to making less cookies. So here they are, in order of what has to be made first:

1) Nutmeg Logs (labor intensive)

2) Peppermint Party Cookies (easy-peasy)

3) Sugar Cookies (the cut-out and frosted kind)

4) Liebkuchen (a pain in the ass, but I gotta have them)

5) Cornflake Balls (really easy, and killer)

And these, which I'm waffling on:

6) Molasses Crinkles or

7) Ginger Creams

Both are ginger/molasses based, but while the crinkles are work before you make them, the creams have to be frosted afterwards (they might need shaping too - its been a hunded years since I made them). So I'm debating which is less work, versus which one I just have to make. I'm also toying with a few others like:

8) Mock Baby Ruth Bars (easy, but I'm bored with them)

9) Gumdrop Bars (I've never made them)

10) Springerle (No one but Bea and I will eat these little german rocks)

In a perfect world, I would make all of them, and still have time to greet my husband at the door with a casserole in my hands, backdropped by an immaculate house and smiling, well-groomed children. (Ok, maybe not even in a perfect world, but in a Disney-esque fantasy world, it could happen!) But I digress...

We now return you to our previous program....!

Honestly, I think I'll just stick to the first 5 and call it a day - I have "Red Suit" duties to perform, as well as a dinner party to throw on the 22nd, and its not like any mice or a fairy godmother are going to pop up, sing a song, and Bibbity Bobbity Boo all my chores away. just can't find good rodent help anymore. I wonder how hard it would be to train the cats to clean house? It can't be any harder than getting two boys to clean house, right?

I did plan the menu for the Solstice Party, so I'll know what to buy, and what to delegate; and we did get the tree up today, so there's a couple of things I can cross off already.

Alla ka zoola, mitcha ka boola, bibbity bobbity boo -

What the hell does that song mean?


Chanda (aka Bea) said...

But you know I'll come over and help frost nutmeg logs.... for a cookie donation - ymmmmm!

flutter said...

Dude. Rumballs?

painted maypole said...

those 5 are still more cookies than I will bake... but my mom is coming into town and she LOVES to bake, so i think I'll be giving her that job!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great to "meet" you! :)