Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pet Peeves

Just for Julie, over at the artful flower, a few of my pet peeves.

1) I hate to be called "someone" - I have a name, you know!
2) I hate to be interrupted - it makes me just not want to talk to you at all.
3) I hate wrinkles and gathers in my sheets - I cannot sleep if there are wrinkles in the bed .(I think I might have just edged Julie out of the Crazy Lady Of The Year spot)
4) I hate carpool - it makes my stomach hurt, just to think of queing up with people who can't figure out how it works, and its December, people!!
5) I hate waiters/waitresses who are too busy to listen to when you place your order, and then try to tell you that you ordered it that way, when you complain.
6) I hate Christmas music played before the middle of December.

OK, enough peeving for now! I may drown in the black abyss of negativity!


painted maypole said...

carpool line! ack! and then the parents who sit their for half an hour with their engines running... spewing toxins into the air! ack!!!!

BOSSY said...

With Pet Peeves like this - who needs real peeves?

Oh, The Joys said...

Who is calling you "Someone?" You want me to bring my numchuck skillz?

Julie Pippert said...

Oh babe. Just ask my husband about #3. You may tie, but you have not got a nose length. LOL All blankets and sheets must be smooth and wrinkle free.

Excellent list and thanks for playing!

Using My Words

PastaQueen said...

Heh, you must have to wear earplugs when you go shopping this time of year. The Christmas music is everywhere.