Monday, December 10, 2007

A Poem, By R. Toy (Two, Actually)

Well, the poem triptych I posted on Friday had to be one of my more popular posts. Go figure. You can't sell a book of verse in a book store, but evidently bloggers are big poetry fans. Good to know, as I have tons of it lying around. I fancied myself a tragic figure, in my youth, and wrote volumes of self-pitying piffle with which to immerse myself in my own deepness.

Ahh, Youth!

Sometimes I miss that self-absorption, but most of the time when I do, I look at my eldest child and think, "et tu honey?", because he is already so very deep; so very tragic; so very on his way to writing dark verse to showcase his goth-like tendencies,...and he's 10, for crying out loud. In my father's words, "it's f***ing immortality- its beautiful!" (and yes, he was pretty liquored up at the time he said this, so we use it as blackmail whenever possible. what can I say, it's my f***ing immortality baby!)

So, in an effort to show that I can write verse that isn't dark and foreboding, I submit to you, gentle reader, a few verses of a lighter caliber.
Exhibit A:

Swing Song

I touch clouds
with my feet
then back to earth I plummet,
flying up
in a moment,
magical charms
to lure the sky
trying to tapdance on the sun's face
I keep ending
combing grass
with my toes.

Exhibit B:

(Can't give you the title - it's someone's name)

endless legs
tossed over the chair's arm
impossibly at ease, positioned
catlike - all indolent grace.
wearing faded flannel
and those same damn jeans
(it seems)
you've always worn,
hair on end, you smile
in conspiracy.

partner in crime,
you are
my brother.

All right, Bea - it's your turn to post a few verses! Come on...!! You know you want to!


flutter said...

Oh honey, you are really really good at this

painted maypole said...

very nice.. particularly the end of exhibit A

I while back I posted a bunch of my crappy high school angst ridden poems.

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

I love the one about he who can not be mentioned on the internets.

Ok, fine! I'll post some of my drivel. Oh the pressure! My attempts are not nearly as good as yours, but I will see what I can find to post tomorrow.