Monday, December 24, 2007


This is a two part blog post - the other half can be found at Trapped Under Something Heavy.

Well the Solstice Party on Saturday was a big hit, thanks completely to all the hard work and contributions by everyone. We had representatives from all the family branches, including the honorary ones, so it was a really good turnout (although Jake blew us off and missed out on some awesome cheeses). This is the appetizer spread before the herd came in and trampled it:
Here the assorted guests arrive and greet each other with small gifts of creature comforts; what we consider to be proper Solstice gifts - things to get you through the long dark winter.
We set up the tables in the living room, since the Christmas tree is in the dining room (it has the picture window). I know, it isn't Martha Stewart, but Martha never had these guys over for dinner! As it was, we nearly burned down the house with the candles on the table (good reflexes there B-ski!)
I pose with the Bohemian for a lovely shot - he is such a sweetie!
The Elf Prince was not so pleased with the disruptive humans, but he did allow us to photograph his displeasure, which is something, I guess.
Two of the biggest trouble makers in the bunch, but then the bad apple doesn't fall far from the crotchedy old tree, does it? This is as close as it gets to them both smiling:
We had a few newbies this year to the gang, which always kicks it up a notch. Does it look like they had a good time?
And that is all the pictures you will see here, but if you want to see the rest of the party, then head over to Bea's for the rest, at Trapped Under Something Heavy.


flutter said...

looks like so much fun you guys! I was there in spirit

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Damn! You throw a good party! And I Helped. You also post some pretty good pics! Thanks for filling in for me and spreading the bloggy luv. Keep your fingers crossed with the posting of this comment, because DEAR GOD, my parents still use dial up!!

liv said...

Oh, what lovely photos! I am glad you had such a great time! What is it about the word solstice? Just sounds good.

BOSSY said...

It looks lovely. Lovely lovely, Happy New Year.