Friday, January 11, 2008


I was trying out the new camera last week, while waiting in carpoop (I spelled it that way on purpose, people!), and took this shot. The Professor asked me like a million times (OK, so it was only about 1000 times - what. ever. Get off of my damn poetic license, will ya?) if I had downloaded it onto the computer, so he could see it.

This is not normal behavior for him. He is usually too cool to be bothering with the goings-on of mere mortals (and yes, he really does talk that way - its all part of his plan to become ruler of the universe. As long as I get a taken care of in my old age, I'm jiggy with it.).

So, curious to know what I had inadvertantly photographed that was of such vital interest to him, I downloaded the pictures and took a closer look.

Ahhhh! It all comes clear, once I blow this picture up a bit, but shhhh! Don't tell him I showed this to you - I might not get that hot male nurse when I'm old and decrepit.

In the background is the object of his obsession with this picture - do I really need to say more? I do have my geriatric years to consider here, you know.

At least he has good taste - and what a snappy dresser! I wonder if those boots come in my size?

I especially love the conflicted look of embarrassment and pleasure on the Professor's face - he knows exactly what is going to show up in the background of this picture. Mercifully, his younger brother is such a hamasaurus, he's oblivious to the potential blackmail fodder going on behind him.

I know - I am in Huge trouble!


Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Ooooooo! Im tellinnnnn! (Im joking. But not really. But I will. Touche!)

I love the slice of life photos you take, they're the best (although the drive bys are pretty darn good too!), a window into someone elses life. A window I find gives me perspective on my own humble existance. It's what blogging is all about ;).

we_be_toys said...

Thanks for the thumbs up on my paltry little existence Bea! I realize I have run a terrible risk by posting such shallow drivel! (What. Ever.)

It is, admittedly, difficult to feel worthwhile in Blogland, with so many severe critics out there. One cannot be too deep, too politically active, too well-read, or too perfect a parent in this artificial world. Fortunatly, I am none of these things, and I am well adjusted enough to recognize a steaming bowl of bullshit when I read it. I also refuse to set standards for other people's personal expression - I'm thinking the word "personal" indicates that it has nothing to do with me.

Cynthia said...

...and so it begins...driver's ed, hours on the phone (computer nowadays), stealing the car to visit the girlfriend, ...the joys the joys...

flutter said...

oh you are sooooooo busted

JoeinVegas said...

I hope you supplied a good high quality print of this, or at least a selected area.