Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Tail And Two Bunnies

My sister gave me these adorable little bunnies she made for my birthday earlier this month. (I especially love the carrot pinafore!) I set them up to pose for a few shots and Scrawny had to get into the action (he loves small stuffed animals, don'tcha know?!). Right after I took this picture he absconded with the boy bunny, who I like to call Mr. James Parsnip. He was rescued and Scrawny left in high dudgeon. But it made for a good title!

Here, Miss Carotene Bunny poses in an introspective moment. I wonder how hard it must be for her, to live indoors, especially among the Furry Herd.
I knew it - she longs to be outside, to hop and scamper with the other bunnies. I think she may be pining just a bit. (But doesn't it show off the back of her nicely?!)
Ah, there's that sweet and winning smile I've grown to love! She really is a cutie! Afraid that Scrawny might come back and try for seconds, I put the bunnies under the protection of Morella, the mushroom-gathering woodland fairy who watches over my mantel. They seem to be getting along fine, though James was a bit leery at first.
To see more of the wonderful dolls my sister makes go check out her gallery over at
Etsy: The Fairies' Nest
She's been hard at work, making some really wonderful dolls for Valentine's Day!


FairiesNest said...

I totally love that last shot, that's a great pose for the mid size fairy, I'll have to remember that, and the boy bunny looks like he might "just take off runnin'."! Thanks for the plug sis, big smooch!

Jodi said...

the bunnies are adorable. i'm going to check out her etsy store. love etsy

flutter said...

I so need me some of those bunnies!!