Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sniffle, Sniffle, Sniffle

Yep, that's right - the Tapdancer is sick as a dog, which is bound to stir things up, in an all cat household.

And just like mothers everywhere, I am not allowed to be sick. Oh, I still feel like shizzell, but as far as the menfolk are concerned, it doesn't register. Dinner had better be on time, even if Honey Bunny isn't (Oy! Don't get me started!).

It's been that kind of week, really. The kind of week that starts out with the tease of snow and all we got was rain, though in Raleigh they had a bit of ice and all the idiots with SUVs went spinning around on the Beltline and 540, because they think 4 wheel drive means it's Ok to drive fast on ice. I told you - they're, statistically speaking, idiots.

The kind of week, where I locked myself out of the house Tuesday morning, and had to break a window to get back in (I tried to call the aforementioned HB at work, for a rescue, but you KNOW how that went. That's right - he was unavailable. Story of my F***ing married life.) Before I broke the window I went up the street to a neighbor's house to use the phone, and was accosted by her tiny, vicious dachsund/pit bull-looking little creatures, who assured me, quite vocally, that they were going to bite the hell out of my ankles, because they were bad-asses. They didn't, but it was touch and go there for a minute. And from the safety of Thursday morning and my own house, may I just say, those were some Fug-Lee damn dawgs!! But she was very sweet, letting in the crazy, wandering lady, wearing slippers, to use the phone, so ok, nice doggies! Sorry I called you Fug-Lee!

On the bright side (because there HAS to be some good, come on), I've been reading The Hobbit to the boys this past week, and we are almost finished - just three chapters left - and they are so into it, we might have to start the Fellowship of The Ring (once I get my voice back, hack, hack hack!). Anything to get my youngest into reading - he's been a slow starter. I gave him the Spiderwyck series to read a while back, but he wasn't interested. I made him go sit and read yesterday, until dinner, because he and his brother needed some separate time, and guess what? "Mom, I read five chapters! I didn't even know I had read that many." Oh Happy Day! Dare I hope the hump has been passed, and he will take his place among the rest of the voracious readers in the family? Cross your fingers....

OK, I'm am now going to go drink some Gypsy Cold Care and have some lovely NY rye toast, that my mommy brought me from Buffalo, and be a giant baby,...until it's time to pick up the kids, anyway.


Jodi said...

I'm sorry I laughed so hard at your troubles. But I did. I really did. My boy is having a slow start at reading. My husband and I are horrified! I'll have to try the Spiderwyck books....

hope you feel better.

flutter said...

You crack my shit up, even ill.

((you)) feel better, ok?

Ben & Bennie said...

It's a known fact that we men "suffer" more when we're sick so we sort of expect you ladies to act like our moms for a few days. When you gals are sick, men instinctively know how tough you ladies are so we just figure y'all should grin and bear it...or bare it...whichever makes you feel better.