Wednesday, January 23, 2008


There was a lovely atmospheric mist this morning, so I took a few shots of my favorite grove of trees on the way home.

Since our last trip to Raven Rock, where I took some shots and played with them in Photoshop, I've been wanting to try some more pictures, using the same colored pencil filter.

It's fascinating to me that all these colors are there in a photograph - we tend to take them for granted, and indeed, sometimes they are more washed out and not as dramatic in a regular photo, but those beautiful blues and purples in the trees are there, nonetheless.

Ms. Q and I both just love this effect! So much so, she thinks I should have them printed on high-end paper and have them matted and framed - they would look good as a vignette in the hallway...! I tried it with several different types of compositions, but trees do the best with this filter (the shed is wooden, so it applies as well). It doesn't do the mist much justice, but the trees have a definitive wintery feel, what with the cool blues and purples, and the way the light behind is made to look almost like snow (that might be the mist) I also like that the recent rains have given the grass a nice green tinge.


liv said...

I'm afraid of Photoshop relative to my high level of dumbassery. BUT, I love what YOU'VE done!

flutter said...

fabulous! They look like paintings!!

Jodi said...

they are so beautiful. i'm with liv. plus add that i am lazy.

Don Mills Diva said...

Wow - I don't know much about photoshop - I had no idea you could do effects like that - just gorgeous!