Monday, February 25, 2008

I Love Mondays in the Springtime

I'm a very bad excuse
for a siamese cat.
I'm not really cross-eyed,
but I'm silly, that's a fact.
My feet seem very tiny,
but Mom made them look like that!


The Bohemian has been home sick with the creeping crud ("and that's all I'm got to say about that." - Forrest Gump), so we've been hanging out together. He started his first painting yesterday and is very cheesed with his work in progress. I'm thinking I might need to find another damn easel soon, because he's hogging mine! We took a walk down to the pond today in search of the ever-elusive Great Blue Heron who lives there during the winter. He's very shy and hard to photograph without a buttload of zoom capability, so most of my attempts to catch him have come out pretty badly. Today we hunkered down by the edge of the pond and waited for him to get used to us, then we crept slowly closer until I was able to get this shot, which is still pretty damn blurry, but better than what I've done so far. He's watching me as well!It was also a very welcome sight to see the first daffodils coming up alongside of a little creek we passed over on the way home from the pond. When I was a kid, the first daffodils of spring would strike such lust into my heart. Regardless of where they were, or whose they were, I was compelled to pick them. As you might imagine, I also spent a lot of time having to apologize to little old lady neighbors. Good times...!
They are almost like a visual dose of vitamin C, aren't they? I swear, roses mean nothing to me, (unless they're picked illicitly by the light of the moon,from a certain rose garden, but that's another story!) compared to the vibrant joy of daffodils, blooming in the chill of late February. Is that a snowdrop in the foreground? It only had single bells, so I know it wasn't lily of the valley, though it did prompt me to start singing:
Whit coral bells
upon a slender stalk,
lilies of the valley
by my garden walk!

Oh don't you wish
that you could hear them ring?
That will happen only
when the fairies sing! It was a beautiful spring day - the air was crisp and chilly but the sun was so warm it was hard not to get down with Miss Jezebel and roll on the scratchy cement.
Got Spring?


Maggie said...

HONESTLY, dude, when are you inviting me over????

flutter said...

I love that cat.

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

You finally caught Master Heron! He is an illusive bugger ain't he? Spring is lovely around here, as long as Summer isn't too close behind. Im still holding out hope for some snow.

VelveetaWingnut said...

FLOWERS!?!?! geeze, I drove to work this morning on snow covered roads and half of the schools in the county closed. I took a pic of the road ahead only because I had the camera in the car and thought you might need some snow..but geeze, you've got flowers, you dont need snow! Another 3 -5 inches is called for no flowers here for another month at least! Damn groundhog!!

jennifer h said...

I love that you caught the heron's reflection. I'm not certain that he wasn't stalking you, though.

I miss those signs of spring! (I'm in AZ) I love the daffodils. Huge, boisterous bunches of them in vases...

You can really rock a rhyme, not to mention a little ditty about lilies of the valley. Love it.