Monday, February 11, 2008

Hairclub For Girls

Note to self* never write and publish a post at 3:30 AM without proofreading it first! I left out #2 of the most important people/things category in the meme I posted on Saturday - skipped right on to #3...Zzzzzzzz...that's where my head was at!

Good morning...I'll tone down the peppy, so as to not jar any of you who are still dozing...shhhh....

This past Friday, when I posted the Carkeys Incident, I put up pictures of mysels looking vexed. After looking at those, I realized that not only do I refuse to say "cheese", even for me, but that I have two different colors on hair on my head.

This is not good - it isn't really a look that works for anybody; outside of Halloween, or a nursing home, maybe,...if you really had a lot of attitude.

So here is what I looked like on Friday, in the throes of key-lessness:
Yikes! I am just not ready to be wholly gray - I really don't have the skin tone for it (and speaking of skintone, those red cheeks are strictly dry and flakey red, not animal-tested, chemical red.)

now here is a natural beauty and also the elusive #2 from the Saturday meme of most important people/things. She may be a very silly girl, but I love my Jezebel Maya Jungle Cat!
Okay, back to the Before and After shots. This was taken this morning. I'm still not going to smile - its serious business trying to minimize that chin thing going on! I also did the unheard of, and put on makeup to make the contrast greater between today and last Friday. I put on lipstick, thinking of Flutter and her signature red lips, but I had to dab some of it back off, because it really isn't my signature - the grumpy puss is!

But the color looks good on my hair, and my hubman did the haircut for me - its your basic bob - no layering - and its laying down from all the conditioning right now, but its still a vast improvement from just a few days before. (And yes, I really am that white - I don't tan, just burn, so I gave up trying to be brown)
And that, my dears, is what I did over the weekend.

Well, Okay, there was kind of a debauched Saturday thing going on. Bea and I made Red Drinks (like a Bloody Mary, but lighter) and basked in the sun, eating potato chips and dip. It was fabulous. We didn't get a Damn thing done, but we felt so relaxed and zen-like afterwards, and that's somethng.

Of course, the housework is waiting, looking impatiently over my shoulder as I type. Yeah, Yeah! I'm going, I'm going!

Sigh...I hate housework, and its starting to show!


Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Ah yes, a weekend of salt and alkeehol, my ass will never be the same.

And hey! I didn't even make the top 5? What's with that??? I think my nose might be bleeding.

Julie Pippert said...

That's definitely not my husband's idea of quality time together. We began practicing our margarita recipe for the neighborhood competition. That's his idea of quality time. ;)

But you came out looking much more beautiful than I did after tinkering with a pitcher of lime and tequila LOL.

Okay pitiful jokes about self aside...

Looks good!

And a happy sunning cat---there is little greater joy.

Maggie said...

OOOH!!! I like it!!