Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Did you guys see the lunar eclipse last night? It was supposed to be the last one until 2010, according to Carl Sagan's illegitimate daughter, aka Bea. We went outside about 8 o'clock and saw a beautiful full moon, but it was fast being obscured by clouds. Because I am the proud owner of a new camera I HAD to go out and attempt to take pictures; without a tripod, AND without a clue. But I got a couple of decent shots, in spite of myself. It wasn't until later on, about 11 o'clock, that Bea and I saw the end of the eclipse, and of course, my camera had already gone to bed, because that's how professional I am, baby.
I know there is at least one other person in this world who will look at this picture (below) and think of a 1920s edition Grimm's Fairy Tales illustrated by Eleanor Abbott. Come on Cin, you know the one. The picture of the girl with the mask, running against the weirdly lit night sky. Doesn't this remind you of it? What the hell was the name of that story? It was the one where the stupid old king, kind of King Lear-esque, asks his daughters how much they love him, and the youngest and most honest daughter tells him, "I love you like salt, because without salt, life has no flavor", and then he kicks her out, yadda, yadda, running around the country-side, etc. (I just realized that maybe I like that story for more than its groovy picture - the girl is a Salt-Creature, like from Star Trek. And I'm a Salt-Creature, so like, we could be twins, right?Though I would SO give my old man a raft of shite for asking such a stupid and patently divisive question - goddamn troublemaker...!)
(Okay use your best german accent now, for this part) Yah, I vas tryink to mack the mun lokk like it vas hangink from ze tree, like it is ze froot of ze tree, yah? It iss zo expreszioniztic, yah?

Jesus, it's too hard to write like that, and my accent sucks, like you didn't notice. (But thank you for being polite enough not to point it out.)
Yes, I know, the depth here is just wayyyy the hell over everyone's head these days, ne c'est pas? And you know what? Jimmy Crack Corn, man! Three snaps in a circle, and kiss my grits. My mom's not here, and neither are you; I can do what I want!


Chanda (aka Bea) said...

oooh Those are great pictures! I particularly like the first and third ones. I can never get night pictures to come out like that, and I didn't even attempt to take pictures last night, though the thought did cross my mind.... then left for warmer weather. You are da bomb!

we_be_toys said...

how you DO go on....Go On!! Honestly, if they came out, I had nothing to do with it. It's like the Kitchenaid mixer: I tell it, "OK, you mix this shit up and I'll be back later". Same thing, only I'm thinking, not necessarily interchangeable.

jennifer h said...

It was cloudy here, and I missed the whole eclipse. Do I get any points for wandering outside to see if I could see it?

Cool, spooky pictures. You rocked the accent.

flutter said...

Those pictures made me so so happy

FairiesNest said...

It's from "The Goose Girl at the Well" and here is a link to that picture for anyone who wants to see. Itried to get some pictures but I haven't even looked to see if they came out and I don't have a super cool camera ... she said jealously! I did see the moon turn a very cool sparkly red at one point which was definitely worth the price of admission!

FairiesNest said...

Pooh, the link doesn't show!

Maggie said...

That eclipse was amazing. We had a crystal clear sky up here, and the moon turned red. It was breathtaking.

Did I take a picture? No.