Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Heady-ness of Flight

A Very Silly Cat - Also known as Scrawny Joe McAllister - the guy who jumped off the Tallascratchy Bridge.

The guys have gone to Richmond for the weekend, to visit the grandparents, also known as my inlaws. My very tightly compressed lips (darn! you can't see them, but trust me- they're compressed!), the lack of any descriptive passage concerning them, and the fact that I am here, instead of there should give you the heads up on how I feel about them.

Ah! A brief mental shake, releasing all the negative energy....Ohhhhmmmmmm! OK, better. I still have a month or so before I have to confront the "Butt-Kiss God Lovers"... oh shit! Did I say that outloud?! (See how big I can make my eyes, in mock-innocence?)

So, anywho, as I was saying,...the guys are Gawn! and I am free...FREE!!!! For the weekend, anyway. Bea and I are going to leave the podunk-ness of our town, and head into the Capital City for a day of shopping (such a luxurious rarity) and top it off with a visit to our favorite Italian restaurant (even more luxury), where the best calzones and cappucinos can be had, around here, anyway.

I did start sketching out the beginnings of my first painting in almost ten years last night. With Ms. Q's gift of lovely new paints resting in my paintbox, I am nearly ready to begin. I had toyed with the idea of just painting all weekend, but with the guys gone, and money jingling in my pocket (well, in the bank, and jingling my debit card), and only a few more weeks until Thanksgiving (my official cut-off date for being done with Christmas shopping - I ain't gonna make it this year, by the way), I'm going shopping, girl! I might even splurge and buy myself a tube of Sap Green- my favorite color of paint. Am I lucky or what? (Did I just quote PeeWee Herman? I think I did...hmmm.)


flutter said...

I so wanna pet that cat!

Teri said...

Nice Blog :)

Cynthia said...

You bum! I spent the day at a show...horrors!...listening to people say, "I could make this!" and "Why is your dolls so expensive?" (Seriously!) ...BIG SIGH!...