Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Works in Progress

It was a good start yesterday, in the world of painting. I jumped right in and threw several huge gobs of Pthalo Blue on the rug, just to warm up, Pollack-style (I missed the canvas - not really, I just have butterfingers). I was going to do a painting based on the picture I posted in The Wicked Witch Of The North, but its going to be fairly complicated, so I warmed up with a happy little landscape (a la Bob Ross? Hzzzzzzzzz!), because clouds are always fun, and landscapes are easy. Well, easier than painting women, though once I get warmed up, they'll be easy too.

I'm just not ready to post a picture of what I'm working on - hell, I won't even let Bea look at it. But I can put a couple of older pictures in here, for your viewing pleasure, until the new ones are ready. My love for Flutter is such that I actually contemplated sending her an email with a picture of the underpainting - but its kind of like looking up someone's dress, and while I know she would be nothing but supportive, I am the chicken shit who doesn't want to flash her with an image of my underwear. (that doesn't sound right, but you know what I'm saying...I hope!)

This is what I consider the best of the mermaid triptych that's hanging in the dining room. Bea hates the sea serpent - thinks its too "cute", and while I secretly agree with her (shh!), her dad says this is his favorite. If he could smuggle this and my A.R. Cole vase out of the house, he would be a happy man.
This is my favorite fairy tale themed painting - The Handless Maiden - if you've never read this story, don't feel bad; my sister and I are obscure fairy tale fiends - her Christmas present last year was a wonderful old copy of Household Stories, by the Brothers Grimm (it killed me to give it to her, but those are the best presents). I especially like the tree in this, as well as her fab Renaissance Fair clothes.
And there you go - a taste of what is hanging on my walls. Now I'm off to work - hope the rug fares better today - its going to look like crap for the Solstice party if I keep dropping paint on it.


Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Just so ya know, I peaked at the new landscape (shhhhh). Even your "underwear" looked good.

Good choices on the two to show. But any one of the pieces hanging on the walls would have been good. Your house is like a giant wish list for my nekkid walls.

flutter said...

Nice walls, and undies :)

VelveetaWingnut said...

Hey dont feel bad about not allowing anyone to see what you're working on, deary. I dont either. It's like no one understands the process that flows from the artists mind to the paper (canvas as your case is). It takes a while for the rest of the world to be able to 'get it'. Hopefully, they'll be patient. :-)