Thursday, November 1, 2007

How Mama Keeps Her Groove

In an effort to arrive at morning carpool in a Zen state of mind (and if you saw the number of brain-dead parents that I see in carpool every morning and afternoon, you too would weep for the future, but I digress...), I take a slighter longer, but more scenic and peaceful route to school. we cross this piece of Johnson Pond every morning and slow down for a visual shot of serenity. I forgot my camera the other morning, which was a shame - the pond was like a cauldron, with roiling steam rising from it. I felt compelled to quote the film Excalibur - "...Can you not SEE the Dragon's breath all around you?!" This is rather more anticlimatic, but I will try to be vigilant and take my camera with me more often, in hopes of catching the "Dragon's Breath" again.

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