Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Promise I Won't Bite

Alright, I was a tad over the top yesterday, with the rant to the unseen. My apologies for the vitriol; though the sentiment is still valid I could have been nicer. Many thanks to Flutter for talking me down off the roof - she's the kindest, realest, most generous person I have ever met in Blogland, and Bea and I just adore her.

Evidently a lot of people are feeling the pre-holiday strain - many of the blogs I read yesterday had similar signs of stress. I didn't think I was stressing, but maybe I am - our family gatherings can be kind of volatile. Luckily, Bea will be going with us, and we are armed with many and mighty bottles of the lovely bubbly - it will either soothe the savage beast or initate an Ethel Merman sing-off - either way, its a distraction.

There is also another, darker side to the holiday season that I could never sum up as well as one plus two has - who says that while its lovely that folks want to help the homeless at this time of year, they need our help and compassion all year round. Have you given to your local food bank yet? They need our help, now and all year long.

I think I want to go over to lemonade and kidneys for dessert though - check out her FABULOUS desserts! I gained 10 pounds just looking at the pictures, and another 5 reading the instructions. When should I be there and can I bring a date?

Happy Turkey Day to All!


RuthWells said...

Hey, Tapdancer, thanks for the mention and the blogroll link! I feel a bit like Pinocchio these days, 'cept instead of being a real boy, I'm becoming a real blogger. {g} I look forward to reading your blog when I get a free moment.

flutter said...

I adore you too. I do, you know.

VelveetaWingnut said...

Happy Thanksgiving babe!! I hope all the stress washes away and everyone behaves themselves! (I'm also wishing the same for me) LOL

Hey Chanda, try and keep her together down there!! and by the way, theres a bunch of cheap hoosiers up here with your name on them!!

jen said...

Flutter is such good people. as are you. thank you.

happy, happy day.