Friday, November 16, 2007

Passing Season

I took a picture of this place, from a slightly different spot a few weeks ago. since then, I've been watching the color change and become more dramatic, almost daily. I think its finally at the peak of what its going to do, so here ya go:
Try comparing it to the earlier shot, you'll see just how much color change there has been. Pretty cool. The changing seasons caught in the act!

The boys were with me this morning when I took this picture. They hadn't gotten out of the car at that place before and were all impressed with the old bridge that sits below the newer one. The newer one was built after Hurricane Fran, because the older, and much littler bridge was done in by the torrential rains that not only came with Fran, but had preceeded it, for most of a week prior.

With the sun off to my right, and not directly on this area, it doesn't look nearly as vivid as the other pond shot, which was nicely lit up. Not that I really have time to do it, but it would be interesting to stay out there all day, shooting different variations of the same place, as the sun passes over. I know, its the kind of compulsive thing only an artist would find pleasure in - a hundred pictures of the same place, at different times of day, maybe even weather. Its sort of like trying on shoes, or dresses for a formal occasion - they aren't all going to fit right, or look right - you have to try on a bunch.

The heating guys are here today, putting in the new heater/ac system. Oh Happy Day! As picturesque as a fire can be, it doesn't heat the whole house, and its way too much smokiness and dryness for my seasonally outraged sinuses (they don't call me "Kaa" like the snake in the Jungle Book because I'm skinny - hahahhaa, hair is skinny, does that qualify me?). I think we may have to give up our first-born to pay for the new heater, but what the hey!!!


Chanda (aka Bea) said...

ooohhhh! I just had a moment of Fran PTSD. A week with no electricity (did I mention you need electricity for AC!!!!!)I just had to go stand out in the cool crisp air to get a hold of myself.

Heather, Queen of Shake-Shake said...

So pretty!

I'm jealous of the fall colors. Palm trees don't exactly change colors.

flutter said...

Oh, those are gorgeous. We don't get seasons so much over heah in the AZ....