Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well, it was a magical night here, at the Edge Of Reason. Most of our pumpkins were offered up as carved sacrifices to the Night, though one was spared, due to time constraints. It isn't out of the woods yet - I'm thinking there may be a pie in its future - Muhahahaha!

The cats at the Temple of Bast also put in an appearance and added to the flavor of the evening. Miss Puff would very much like to go out and do a little Trick-or-Treating herself!

A couple of Roman Gladiators showed up, conquered us, and pillaged the candy bowl, but they were very professional about it, and no one was thrown to the lions.

The one fellow DID seem a bit strange - kind of reminded me of John Cleese/ Monty Python doing the Twits. I offered him some candy, in hopes of appeasing him, but it just cranked him up - go figure!

The other Roman, who had a few uniform issues early in the evening, was more serious, and awfully proud of his hand-painted shield, which he informed us, he had painted. I especially like his no-nonsense expression.

All in all, a good Halloween - got to visit with old friends, and made a few new friends (had a wonderful visit with a "Lawn Care Technician" and his mom, who were lovely people - very creative and fun to talk to). Hope everyone else had a good evening as well!

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