Friday, November 2, 2007

Like Flutter, I take pictures from my car, while zipping along on my way to where ever. Also, like Flutter, I urge you: don't judge me.

I love Autumn, but I also tend towards dark thoughts and depressed inactivity at this time of year. One of the things that always makes me feel better is to stop and observe the changing season.

I go by this old tobacco barn every day, and hope that some developer won't decide to buy it up and rip it down, to cram a few hundred more houses into our already over-burgeoning little town.

Like Jessica, over at OhThe Joys, I love the old buildings that speak of an earlier and simpler time. After seeing her pictures and story about the old country store, it occurred to me that I should go out and take pictures of some of the wonderful old places around here, before they too are gone.

The big house that was part of this farm was torn down earlier this year. I'm sure they're decrepit as well, but it seems a shame to replace something this old and full of character; something that tells a story of way things were here, once upon a time, with yet another strip mall, or cookie-cutter and treeless subdivision.

I know growth is good for economics, but this part of the south is losing its identity and a big part of its charm, in favor of trendy hideousness and over-crowding. Most of North Carolina is under severe drought conditions, yet the developers keep on building, keep on trying to cram more people into an area already strained beyond its resources - when is it enough?


flutter said...

Oh but your car photos? SO much better than mine!

Oh, The Joys said...

I can't wait to read the stories!

Anonymous said...

Testify Sister-Friend!! It's me...Ms. Q, half-drunk on the bottle of champagne we did'nt drink on my birthday (Why am I coming home half drunk? "Cause I ran out of f@*#$ing money...sorry, old joke) But seriously, I am with you on this one. I remember when you first moved out there, and driving to see you guys was like heading out to the country. There was nothing but a couple of little strip malls and a bunch of trees. Now it is getting as built up as it is here. You are absolutely right in your question about "when is it enough"? Anyhoo, I am taking my almost completely drunk-ass to bed. Sorry I could not see yous guys tomorrow (today at this point) but inventory and Aunt Paulines 78th b-day got in the way. Seizure later, Ms. Q